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Aqua Sentinel™ prides ourselves on having the highest quality water purifiers and finest service in the industry. At Aqua Sentinel, our pledge is to supply our customers with the cleanest, purest, most refreshing water on the planet. We are absolutely committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We are only interested in providing the finest customer and business service in the industry. We stand behind our product and technology 100%.

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Aqua Sentinel Water Filtration Systems

Aqua Sentinel is the exclusive North American distributor of Aqua Sentinel POU water cooler systems. Aqua Sentinel is dedicated to delivering excellence in both product and service to their customers. Aqua Sentinel has an outstanding track record in supporting its partners in the aftermarket. Prominent businesses who have partnered with Aqua Sentinel and our focus on their satisfaction is similar to our focus on all our clients.

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Aqua Sentinel products easily fit or retrofit industry-wide environments. Aqua Sentinel's state-of-the-art filtration systems provide greater sensitivity, accuracy, and above-all, reliability. Extensive laboratory and field-testing of our “revolutionary” filtration technique verify consistent user-friendly performance. Unprecedented in the industry today, the Aqua Sentinel product line system-application meets or exceeds worldwide air and water related mandates and laws.

Technical Expertise

With an understanding of market research and market niche identification, the Aqua Sentinel has developed the technical data, design and engineering specifications necessary to manufacture a revolutionary state-of-the-art based retrofit product line for market application, and has subsequently introduced the Aqua Sentinel product line to scientifically address and purify indoor air and water quality to meet consumer demands.

Product Range

Equally important to end users, Aqua Sentinel provides for an affordable option with a superior method to addressing daily health and hygiene necessities. Aqua Sentinel carries 4 different models all with hot and cold filtered water options all meeting EPA safe drinking water guidelines and cU/Lus standards for electrical safety.

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